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The Real World Andrew Tate

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The Real World Andrew Tate

In a world where job insecurity is common and rich tech firms are laying off employees by the thousands, the prospect of becoming financially independent through wealth creation or starting a profitable business can feel alluring. The Real World Andrew Tate, an online platform created by a former professional kickboxer and his brother, is designed to provide those tools.

Andrew Tate Real World courses taught by professors hand-picked by Tate, who boast massive wealth in their respective fields and a willingness to share it with aspiring entrepreneurs. They offer instruction in everything from how money works up to building multi-million dollar empires. The promotional material makes it clear that these professors will be there to help their students along the way, guiding them through the tough times.

Andrew Tate’s Path to Mastery: Lessons for Aspiring Achievers

But if you read the forums, chats and private messages that circulate among the students, a darker picture emerges. In addition to teaching them how to generate wealth through the webcam modelling, which many of the members have resorted to, Tate’s students are also instructed in grooming women for sexual exploitation. The leaked chats reveal that students have been coached by the same professors in methods of coercion and manipulation that are being used to fight the human trafficking charges against him and his brother in Romania.

Habeeb Akande, a UK-based Muslim sex educator, says the unwavering defense of Tate and his online platform by men’s rights activists is indicative of a larger problem. She believes the online space has been left to these types of people without any pushback from women and minorities, who have been subjected to “sexual violence, abuse and discrimination for decades.”

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