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How to Use a Ph Supppository

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ph suppository

How to use a ph suppository

A ph suppository is a small, round, gelatin capsule that you insert into your vagina at regular intervals. It contains a medication that can help relieve symptoms of a yeast infection or a fungal infection. The medication may also relieve odor or restore vaginal health.

The suppository is made from natural ingredients like boric acid, aloe vera, and vitamin E. It can also help to reduce odour by restoring your vaginal pH to more acidic levels, which helps keep it healthy and free of microorganisims.

How to use a suppository

The most common way to use a suppository is to put one in your vagina and then lie down. This will prevent leakage that can happen as the suppository dissolves.

Another way to use a suppository involves putting it into your mouth. This can be dangerous if you swallow it, so call your provider immediately or get medical help right away.

Balancing Act: The Benefits of Using pH Suppositories for Vaginal Health

You can also use a suppository to treat a vaginal yeast infection, which is caused by an organism called Candida albicans. This type of yeast infection usually clears up within a few days of using the suppository.

How to use a contraceptive suppository

If you’re using a suppository to stop pregnancy, you should insert it at least 10 minutes before you have sex. This will help it to work better and prevent sperm from getting into the uterus.

If you’re using a suppository as a form of birth control, you should use it the same time every day. This will ensure that you are taking the proper dose and can use it safely.

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