Dubai’s Jetcar Phenomenon is a unique experience that takes your sightseeing and landmarks tour to the next level. Unlike a regular vehicle, the water jet cars are modeled after real automobiles and offer an exhilarating ride for everyone. These cars can travel at a top speed of 70 km/h, and they are equipped with features that make them safe to drive on the water. They are also suitable for people with reduced mobility.

This one-of-a-kind water adventure, which lasts from 20 minutes to an hour, is perfect for the whole family or group of friends. During the trip, you will be able to see Dubai’s iconic skyline and landmarks from a different perspective. You will also have a chance to see the magnificent Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah from the water. This activity is a must-try for anyone visiting Dubai.

Fast and Furious: Jet Cars Take Dubai by Storm

You will meet your guide at the marina, and they will provide a safety briefing before you take off on the water. Once you’re ready, you’ll put on your safety gear and then hop into the vehicle. Your instructor will follow you on a jet ski to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can choose from a 20-minute or 30-minute tour, and once you’re finished, you’ll get to take some photos. Then, you can head back to the marina and have some time to relax before your next adventure. A jet car is a fun way to explore Dubai’s waters and make some great memories.

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How do you open a car with a locked key inside?

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From dazzling beaches to soaring mountains, the city of Rio de Janeiro is brimming with stunning natural scenery. It’s also home to some of the most renowned monuments in the world, from the imposing Christ statue atop Corcovado Mountain to the dizzying cable car ride up Sugarloaf Mountain.Learn more :

The vibrant culture of this fascinating Brazilian metropolis is another major reason to fall in love with the place. Locals here are affectionately known as ‘Cariocas’, and they’re known for their laid back, warm-hearted approach to life. They’ll be happy to share their knowledge of Brazil’s gastronomy and dance culture with you.

The Historical Heart of Rio: Exploring the City’s Past with a French Tour Guide

Showaround has a wide selection of French-speaking tour guides in Rio de Janeiro who can introduce you to the best of this spectacular city. From private walking tours to time-saving whistle-stop city excursions, there are plenty of options to choose from.

With a guide by your side, you’ll have the chance to discover layers of this fascinating city that aren’t included in any tourist guides. Your tour guide will be able to advise you on places that match your interests and suggest activities that you might not have considered.

A big advantage of taking a private tour is that it’s just you and your guide in the vehicle. This is in contrast to a regular sightseeing experience, where you share the guide and vehicle with strangers who you might never have met before. That way, you can spend as much or as little time at each attraction as you want.