Resource for Online Learning

Whether you are looking to learn a new language, boost your skills or just want to keep up with schoolwork, Resource for Online Learning has you covered. With thousands of curated resources from top educational publishers, you’ll find something that fits your needs and budget.

Based on Learningselect (Electronic Learning) is the delivery of learning through digital resources, such as websites, software and mobile apps. It is an alternative to traditional learning methods, and it has many benefits over paper-based education.

Free eLearning Tools

A wide range of free online learning tools and apps are available for teachers, students, and parents. These are categorized according to grade level, subject and platform so you can easily find the resources you need.

How to Stay Motivated When Learning Online: Expert Advice and Tools

First in Math is a supplemental, interactive learning program that provides grade-level math practice using engaging games to stimulate children’s curiosity and foster creativity in ways that make sense to them. These math activities are proven to help accelerate student progress and are a fun way for parents to support their kids at home.

Lexile WordLists

A resource for students, educators and parents, Lexile WordLists is an online tool that helps prepare learners to identify and use academic words. Based on the top science, math, social studies and ELA textbook programs in grades 1-12, these vocabulary lists help students build a strong foundation for the words they will encounter in their learning.


HearBuilder is a digital speech therapy and learning tool that allows students with hearing loss to practice speech and language at home or in the classroom. It offers students self-directed activities, short and targeted tasks, and tools to monitor their progress and success.